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29 juin 2019
In  association with
TD Vancouver Intl Jazz Festival

Ilhan Ersahin - Istanbul Sessions


3:30 pm - David Lam park 

1300 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2Y1, Canada


9pm -The Imperial 

319 Main St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2S9, Canada

Plan d'accès

Leader Ilhan Ersahin is one of the few bosses on the New York underground scene through his club and label Nublu, and he has spread his New York energy all over the world. He can be seen jamming with The Red Hot Chili Peppers in Sao Paolo, or with Bugge Wesseltoft in Blue Note Tokyo or playing a beautiful oriental setting with Turkish gypsies in an elegant concert hall somewhere in Europe.


Since 2008, they have set fire to stages around the world: from New York to Istanbul, from Paris to Sao Paolo, from London to Skopje... Their electrifying performance, which transcends genres, raised questions: Is it really jazz, doesn't it look like a rock band? Where does their sound come from? It is a high-level musicality that meets a high-level eclecticism where the cliché of the "east-west crossover" finds all its meaning and power. A session is a meeting of a deliberative body to conduct its work. 


Their first album (2009) had as its guest the French trumpeter Erik Truffaz. "Night Rider", their second album (2012), perfectly reflected their authentic sound between dance music and free-form jazz flavoured with a few ethnic spices. Their third (2015) "Istanbul Metro" was a perfect summary of the nightlife of a sleepless metropolis: Istanbul (it was also considered their best studio production to date).


Yet, their fourth studio album "Solar Plexus" in 2017; with the young genius Dave Harrington (the other half of "Darkside" with Nicolas Jaar) as co-producer, Arto Tuncboyaciyan, Nils-Petter Molvær, Mauro Refosco, Kenny Wollesen, Erik Truffaz and Brandon Lewis as special guests, promise them to take 21st century music in an eclectic direction where no boundaries or mood can limit the power of creativity.


Their 5th studio album is on the horizon, co-produced by Tommaso Colliva, awarded a Grammy, distills the 2019 spirit, dancing rhythms and authentic fusion of Istanbul Sessions.


Ilhan ERSAHIN - Tenor Saxophone

Ismail Alp ERSONMEZ - Electric Bass

Kizil IZZET - Percussions

Bekoglu TURGUT - Drums

29 Juin 20h - Showcase Blick Bassy
29 Juin 20h - Showcase Brian Jackson

Brian Jackson Songbook

Tribute to Gil Scott Heron

8pm - The Performance works

1218 Cartwright St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R8, Canada

Brian Jackson started writing songs in 1970 with his classmate Gil Scott-Heron. Their collaboration has produced some of the most poignant, politically charged and soulful albums of the 1970s. Pieces of a Man',' Free Will',' Winter in America',' First Minute of a New Day',' From South Africa to South Carolina',' Bridges' and' Secrets' are coveted by collectors and conscientious music lovers. Their songs were inspired by artists from the Harlem Renaissance movement of the 1920s and The Black Arts Movement of the 1960s.


After producing ten albums with Gil Scott-Heron, Brian Jackson decided to continue the evolution of his musical talents in the 1980s by collaborating with Kool and the Gang, Phyllis Hyman, George Benson, Gwen Guthrie and Roy Ayers. In 1988, Brian co-produced Will Downing's first eponymous and English album.


The songs are influenced by Jazz, soul but also blues and sometimes even samba. The subtle mix of genres created by Brian Jackson has marked the history of music to this day.


Brian JACKSON - piano

Binky BRICE - Bass

Caito SANCHEZ - Drums

Blick Bassy (FR)

Plan d'accès

In 2016, after three eulogistic albums, the Cameroonian singer Blick Bassy published his first novel (LeMoabi Cinéma, Gallimard), most of which was autobiographical. How to take control of your destiny? How can we get out of the cultural mimicry that the West imposes on Africans? How can we re-root ourselves in our own history?


To the existential questions posed by this modern tale tinged with magical realism, Blick did not wait long to give answers. Except that they are not delivered to us by writing but in the form of 11 songs that compose a 4th album of which the artist has made a complete work, both a miraculous harvest of melodies with instant charm, where Blick's voice is more moving than ever, and an educational concept of rare relevance in these times of great ecological and societal dangers.


With a common theme, a tribute paid to the heroes of Cameroonian independence. In particular Ruben Um Nyobé, nicknamed "Mpodol" ("the one who speaks for his people" in the Bassa language), the first political leader to have claimed the independence of his country, and who for this reason was extrajudicially executed in the middle of the forest by French soldiers on September 13, 1958. 


5:15pm - David Lam Park

1300 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2Y1, Canada

Freaks (FR)


7pm - David Lam Park

1300 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2Y1, Canada

Much more than a creature, the mirage of a furious and creative freedom, imagined by a horde of wild animals that takes us into a Kerouac-style road movie, an Easy Rider striking modern times, oscillating between romantic escape and utopian protest against an epic punk jazz background.


Promised to a music of extremes, youthful, communicative, emancipated from all stylistic constraints and symbolic figure of the generational boredom to be placed in boxes, Freaks, Theo Ceccaldi's brand new project, is a hybrid character with 6 heads and apocalyptic energy in his explosions as in his most intimate nuances.

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